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The Quidam programme


The Quidam programme is a new initiative to encourage singing, music, lectures and art at St Peter's.

Quidam musica some music

We want to encourage young professional musicians and students of music who might otherwise have difficulty in finding performance space.

Quidam canticum some song

Singing in the community, whether it be an amateur choir, a professional singers’ workshop or an outreach group for the elderly has proven mental and physical health benefits.

Quidam loqui some talk

will focus on the spoken word and may include lectures, debates and poetry readings.

Quidam ars some art

will promote the visual arts, initially through a summer holiday drawing class for amateurs run by local, practicing artists.

For more information, download the latest Quidam Newsletter from the HOME PAGE, check the CALENDAR for details of upcoming events, or CONTACT US  to join our regular emailing list.