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Projects we support

Members of St Peter's support a whole range of charities, as donors, volunteers and trustees. But the church as a whole is also committed helping three particular projects. Getting involved is a great way to build new relationships, and make a difference.

If you like to help out, CONTACT US to get in touch with the relevant co-ordinator.


The Glass Door is a church-sponsored project across West London which provides hot food and shelter in a local church to those who are homeless. Each church takes it in turn to provide help and volunteers one night a week across the winter season. New volunteers (over the age of 16) are always welcome, and will be provided with a full programme of initiation and support.


The Upper Room is a local front line charity working with the homeless, ex-offenders and destitute migrants, providing short term emergency food, clothing, toiletries, and long-term support to help them improve their employability and and rebuild their lives.


Over the past fifteen years St Peter’s has forged a strong bond with our twin parish of St Bartholomew’s, Messumba, a small town situated on the eastern shore of Lake Niassa, Mozambique. We have exchanged visits, and also raised money to support a school building and fresh water project.