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St Peter’s School

ST PETER'S CHURCH OF ENGLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL is a highly regarded single-form entry state primary school, rated in 2023 as outstanding by Ofsted. The school is located near the church, and relationships between church and school are strong.

Entry into St Peter's Primary School, and into most church primary and secondary schools in West London, is highly competitive and may require a reference from a church minister confirming church attendance.

If you need a reference from the Vicar of St Peter's, please read the school entry criteria carefully to ensure you qualify, and allow at least two weeks for your form to be completed. Be aware the vicar may consult crèche or Sunday Club records, or check with other members of the congregation to confirm regular attendance. Please note that attendance at a church weekday club, or at school services held in church, usually does not constitute church attendance for the purpose of school admissions.