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Sponsor help for Ukrainian refugees

Andrew Sparke writes: 


Hi to everyone at St Peter’s!

A quick note from Warsaw where, together with my son Alex, I’m among a wonderful group of volunteers at the central railway station, helping those refugees who want to take up Boris’s generous offer to come and sit out the war/start a new life/bring up a new family in Global Britain.

We have set up a desk at the main railway station with a British flag sellotaped to the wall behind us, offering visa advice to refugees who want to come to the UK. Now that visas are dribbling through, we have started to book flights for them and pay for their luggage which is not included in the “free” flights. It’s an immense privilege to see the resilience and sheer determination of these (mainly) women and children who are being forced to make life-changing decisions about their future.

To fund this, we have raised a little over £3,000 in two days but we are burning through it. If you can help, please make a donation to our JUST GIVING PAGE.

Thank you so much!

Andrew Sparke


The first of many families we were able to help with monies raised via JustGiving.

Alex Sparke is here booking flights for this Ukrainian Mum and her two young children.

Just a few hours later they were on their way to Warsaw Airport and onward to safety.