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Letter from St Peter’s Residents’ Association

From St Peter’s Residents’ Association Committee (17th March)


Dear members and residents,

It is clear that with the response to COVID-19 we are entering into unprecedented times. The situation for each of us will be different and will change as things evolve, but there is much we can do to support and help each other locally.

Many of us will be undertaking ‘social-distancing’ whilst others may be self-isolating due to vulnerability or in response to experiencing potential exposure.

In response neighbours across the area have been setting up remote groups to stay in regular contact and to co-ordinate support for those in their immediate vicinity (typically covering around 15-20 households).

They are working remotely (by email, What’sApp group, text, phone, letter-drops, etc.) to stay in touch with neighbours, check in with anyone self-isolating and to help co-ordinate assistance with grocery shopping, picking up medicines (door-step drop-offs), posting letters etc. or just for a friendly chat – you are not alone!

We need your help to make this as effective as possible.


Please let us know if…

1.     You have set up support group in your street(s) within the area but have not already been in touch with SPRA – we can help link you up with neighbours.

2.     You would like to set up a group, or to offer support – we can put you in touch with others in your street/ vicinity to make this happen.

3.     You could offer any form of help to others who are self-isolating – e.g. shopping/ door-step deliveries, etc or just by staying in regular contact for a chat.

4.     You are self-isolating or know of a neighbour who is, even if you do not actually need help or support at this stage.

5.     You need help or support or have a neighbour you are concerned about and who may need assistance.

At this stage SPRA is helping to facilitate residents’ in supporting one another, but if you have any suggestions or would like to get more involved, please let us know.

Contacting SPRA:


Mobile: 07710 313419

Stay safe and stay healthy and remember you are not alone!

The SPRA committee

(If you have moved from the area or wish to unsubscribe from this list for any other reason please email

(If you have a neighbour who may not be on email etc, please print a copy of this email and pop it through their letter box so they can get in touch)