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Through Mine Eyes – Books for Sale in Support of St Peter’s Pipes

How Our Two Books Came to Life

During 2014/15 we both suffered from ill-health so collected together some prayers and readings to help us through each day.  When Janet went into hospital, she took a sheet of her favourite prayers with her and quickly recognised their popularity; she became known as “The Prayer Lady”.

So, in 2016 we put together “Through Mine Eyes” and launched this small book of prayers and sketches in aid of St Mary’s Convent & Nursing Home.  At the time we mentioned that there were more sketches perhaps for a second book.

However, inspired by the Hymnathon at St Michael & All Angels in March 2017 we put together another book but this time with a selection of Hymns which hopefully reflect the sketch it partners.  “Let All the World in Every Corner Sing” was launched in September 2017 in aid of the Maggie Centre, at Charing Cross Hospital,

It is now our hope that you will buy one or both of these books to help finance the St Peter’s Church “Pipe Appeal”.

We have so far donated 10 of each of the books to the church.  The books are £5.00 each, but additional donations are very welcome.

Christopher & Janet [often known as Janie] Pickard