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Online worship

October 25

Now we are worshipping regularly back in church and have our choir singing again, we are changing how we offer online worship. So instead of pre-recording worship each week, we are now streaming our 10.30 am Sunday Communion Service live on YouTube. The service will also be available later on YouTube for those who can’t make it at 10.30 am.

To take part at home, just click the picture below which should take you directly to the service on YouTube. The service itself should start broadcasting just before 10.30 am on Sunday morning.



If you’d like to follow the words and readings, you can download a copy of the ORDER OF SERVICE, which will also be uploaded in advance to this page each week.  You may want to print out the order of service beforehand, or open it in a new window on your browser so you can follow it as well as watch YouTube.

Whilst those physically gathered in church can’t join in with singing the hymns, there are no such restrictions for those taking part at home! We will try to find ways of putting words to the hymns on the screen, but in the meantime, do contact the office if you’d like to sing at home, and we will arrange for a hymn book to be delivered to your home!  You can also take part at home by recording bible readings or leading intercessions which we can then use in the church service: if you’d like to go on the readings or intercessions rota, please contact the office.

Be assured that we are committed to continuing to offer online worship for all those who are not able physically to come to the church: you are a valued part of our church community!


October 25