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Online worship

September 27

Today, for the first time, we are hoping to livestream our 10.30 am service of Holy Communion from church, rather than record it and upload it later! All being well, if the technology works (!), you should be able to join us live for Sunday Worship for Harvest on St Peter’s YouTube channel starting at 10.30 am. (The service will also be available as a recording later, if you are not able to join us live.)



You can also download a copy of the ORDER OF SERVICE, so you can join in the words and follow the readings. You may want to print this out in advance, or open it in a new window on your computer, so you are able to have YouTube open on your screen as well as the order of service.

As we go forward, we’ll try to find ways of putting the words on the screen, and adding words for the hymns – whilst those in church are not allowed sing, members of the congregation at home are positively encouraged to sing along! In the meantime, if you’d like to join in the hymns at home, please email the office, and we’ll arrange to deliver a hymn book to your house!

Do give us feedback. It’s quite a technical challenge to livestream, so please bear with us – we will get better!



September 27